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CoPilot Truck FAQs


  1. How does CoPilot Truck know to avoid unsuitable roads, i.e. for low bridges or narrow roads?
  2. At first launch CoPilot will run through a Truck dimensions wizard, during this process you need to add the dimensions of the vehicle you are driving. Within the CoPilot map data includes any restrictions on the road. CoPilot will compare your entered vehicle dimensions against the route to ensure your vehicle is suitable for the road. CoPilot will not provide any route which your vehicle is unsuitable for.

  3. CoPilot requires I enter the weight of the vehicle, is this loaded or unloaded weight?
  4. This is the unloaded weight as road restrictions are based upon an unloaded weight of vehicle.

  5. What happens when if I drive onto an unsuitable road?
  6. If you happen to detour off the provided route onto a road which CoPilot Truck recognizes as unsuitable, CoPilot will stop providing any directions and will provide an on-screen warning instructing you to find an appropriate exit.

  7. Why does CoPilot stop providing directions when on an unsuitable road?
  8. While CoPilot Truck may recognize that a road is unsuitable, it may not know the exact location of the restriction on that road. It is therefore possible that the actual restriction occurs before the next available turn. CoPilot may not know this and could therefore guide a driver into the danger it is supposed to avoid. If the road is not suitable then the driver will need to make a decision on the best outcome

  9. My current navigation instructs a u-turn, will CoPilot instruct u-turns in Truck mode?
  10. CoPilot Truck is designed not to instruct drivers to perform u-turns as it is very difficult for a truck to turn around. CoPilot will try to find an alternative route instead of instructing the driver to turn around. If an alternative route that is less than 20 miles is not found, only then will the driver be instructed to perform a u-turn.

  11. CoPilot instructed a route onto a road which my vehicle was not suitable for, and no warning was provided. Why?
  12. There are two possible reasons for this:

    A. Firstly you will need to ensure that the dimensions and load type are correctly set, if these are not correct CoPilot does not know to avoid the correct roads.

    B. Unfortunately CoPilot does not contain 100% of all truck restricted roads, it is therefore possible that the road has not been mapped as truck restricted.

  13. How does CoPilot Truck decide which roads are suitable?
  14. CoPilot routes are based upon the truck dimensions and any hazardous materials you may be carrying and uses these to eliminate unsuitable roads.

  15. Is CoPilot Truck compatible with my device?
  16. View our our compatibility list.

  17. I already have CoPilot Live v8 can I upgrade to CoPilot Truck v8?
  18. Unfortunately this is not possible; these are two different products, which include different map data.

  19. Does the CoPilot Truck product have Text-To-Speech as standard?
  20. Yes, text to speech is included as standard on the CoPilot Truck product.

  21. Which regions are covered with CoPilot Truck?
  22. CoPilot is available to purchase in the following regions:

    • North America (U.S.A. and Canada)
    • Pan-Europe
    • UK and Ireland
    • DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland)
    • France
  23. Does my country have coverage of Truck restricted roads?
  24. North America, Canada and most Western Europe countries have good coverage of truck restricted roads, but it is not possible to guarantee 100% coverage of all truck restrictions anywhere.

  25. Is real-time traffic information available for CoPilot Truck?
  26. Yes, real-time traffic alerts are available as an additional cost. Please note traffic information is usually only available for major roads. It is therefore likely that any traffic incidents reported will advise the driver to leave the major road and drive onto minor roads. Minor roads may not be suitable for large trucks. ActiveTraffic is delivered via the mobile internet, so will require internet connectivity.

  27. What can I do if I find a Truck restriction not covered in my product?
  28. In the U.S. and Canada you can report map omissions and improvements via our ALK MapSure program -

  29. Does CoPilot Truck work with Central?
  30. No, CoPilot Central is not to be used with CoPilot Truck, any map upgrades supplied by Central will remove your truck attributes, do not use Central.

  31. Does CoPilot Truck work with Traffic information?
  32. Yes, CoPilot Truck does work with CoPilot Live Traffic service, please note though that traffic information is only covered for major roads it is therefore likely that any traffic incidents reported will advise the driver to leave the major road and drive onto minor roads. Minor roads may not be suitable for large trucks.

  33. Are the POI's Truck specific?
  34. CoPilot Truck contains all the same POIs as provided in the standard CoPilot Live consumer products, along with additional useful categories for professional drivers. These include Weigh stations, CAT Scales, Truck Stops, Rest Areas and truck-specific Gas Stations.

  35. How do I get map upgrades?
  36. In the U.S. and Canada, where the product includes ALK Digital Maps™, map updates are available through our ALK MapSure™ program. To learn more about MapSure or to report a map update, visit: Map updates are not currently available for European versions of CoPilot Live v8 Truck.