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CoPilot Live v8 Laptop for Dell Mini FAQs



  1. What map regions are available for CoPilot v8 Laptop?
  2. CoPilot Live v8 comes with the purchased map region installed. E.g. If purchased in North America it will be North American maps. Currently we have North America and Europe regions that can be purchased from Dell depending on the region you are located in.

  3. Is CoPilot Live v8 a one-off payment or billed monthly or annually?
  4. The charge for the product is a one-off charge, it is not a monthly or annually recurring charge.

  5. Can I install CoPilot to multiple Laptops or Netbooks?
  6. You are only permitted to install CoPilot Live on one device (as detailed in the End User Licensing Agreement). You will need to purchase an additional copy of CoPilot Live if you wish to install it onto a 2nd device.

  7. Can you send me CoPilot Live on a CD?
  8. CoPilot v8 Laptop from Dell comes pre-installed on the Netbook however, a backup image is available from our website to reinstall at

  9. How do I check that CoPilot is up to date?
  10. When you launch CoPilot it will automatically notify you if an update is available.

Maps / Routing

  1. How can I customize CoPilot's routing?
  2. There are a number of ways in which you can adjust CoPilot Live's routing to suit your preferences. You can create a personal routing profile by selecting MENU | SETTINGS | ROUTING PROFILES | NEW, then name your routing profile and select OK. Choose the type of vehicle you will be driving for this routing profile then select > and you can then customize whether to avoid or favor specific types of roads and also set the speed that you would usually travel at.

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