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CoPilot - GPS Android App Includes free traffic service
On-Board GPS Navigation for Android Devices

CoPilot for Android Devices

Turn your Android smartphone or tablet into a full-featured dedicated GPS navigation system.
CoPilot is incredibly easy to use yet packed with advanced navigation features to get you to your destination via the way that suits you best.
Detailed street maps of the U.S. and Canada* are stored on-board your Android device so there's no need to use your mobile service or data plan to navigate to your destination or worry about losing directions when you travel out of coverage.
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1 The 12 Month of Free ActiveTraffic offer is only available for CoPilot Premium users.

2 The map of Canada is available via in-app purchase from the CoPilot Premium USA app

CoPilot Overview

2D and 3D Map Views screenshot

2D and 3D Map Views

CoPilot guides you to your destination with clear, easy to follow map displays and turn-by-turn directions throughout the trip. Choose from 3D or 2D guidance views with speed variable zoom.
Lane Assist screenshot

Lane Assist Arrows

Lane indicator arrows provide clear guidance to help you see exactly which lane to take at complex interchanges.
Real Signposts screenshot

Real Signposts

Real signpost information makes it easy to get your bearings at major interchanges.

CoPilot ClearTurn™

ClearTurn provides a more realistic, 3D visualization of the road layout, along with signpost information and lane indicators.


Text-to-Speech voice guidance provides clear, detailed turn instructions with full street names. For example, CoPilot will tell you to "Turn right onto Main Street."

Predictive Address Matching

For easy address entry, CoPilot displays names of cities, towns and streets that match what you've entered. Once the name you're looking for appears, tap it to set it as your destination.

Directions View

CoPilot is designed to help you keep your eyes on the road, not on-screen. Directions View only shows you a map when you need it and allows you to easily switch between 2 non-distracting text-based views.
  • A turn-by-turn list of directions of your entire trip
  • At-a-glance instructions with a large arrow of the next turn
  • Choose to display a map on the approach to a turn or not at all
Day & Night Mode screenshot

Day & Night Mode

Automatic day/night display switching to reduce screen glare.
My Places screenshot

My Places

The easy way to navigate to and save your most frequently visited locations including: Home, Work, Favorites and Recent places.
On-board Points Of Interest screenshot

On-board Points Of Interest

Navigate to millions of Points of Interest (POIs) including hotels, gas stations, airports and attractions. Tap any POI on-screen to navigate there, call the POI or check location-specific details such as weather conditions.
Google Local Search screenshot

Google Local Search*

Search the Internet to find your favorite nearby stores, local businesses, products or services to navigate to, call or check out the user reviews.

*Requires a mobile Internet connection
Live Local Weather screenshot

Live Local Weather*

Check the 5 day weather forecast on-route or at your destination.

*Requires mobile Internet connection
Tap and Go Discovery screenshot

Tap and Go Discovery

CoPilot's maps are designed to be as interactive as possible. Tap on any location on the map, including roads, cities, POIs and route flags to navigate there or discover more information.

Destination Entry Options

  • Address Type in an exact house number, street, city or zip code. You can also copy and paste an address directly into CoPilot.
  • My Places Quickly navigate to frequently visited locations, including: Home, Work, Favorites and Recent Places.
  • Points of Interest Find the way to millions of POIs such as restaurants or airports nearby, on your route or at your destination.
  • Contact Navigate to a contact in your address book.
  • Browse Map Tap anywhere on the map to navigate directly there.
  • Coordinates Enter latitude/longitude coordinates for precise destination entry.

Speed Limit Alerts

CoPilot can display the speed limit on major roads and, should you accidentally exceed it, warn you with on-screen and audible alerts.


Save the location of where you've parked your car so you can easily find your back to it later.


CoPilot Premium includes 12 months of FREE traffic service!

ActiveTraffic uses real-time traffic flow information to intelligently calculate the fastest route around traffic jams and provide an accurate ETA to your destination.

ActiveTraffic automatically monitors your route for delays as you drive and will alert you if a quicker, alternate route is available, along with a preview of the route and the amount of time you'll save. Available only in the U.S.

*Requires a mobile Internet connection

Alternate Routes

View up to 3 alternate routes with details about the trip time and distance for each.

Drag Routing

Drag your route to a preferred street or destination you wish to take or navigate to.


Access a wealth of community-generated information and articles about the world around you, directly from Wikipedia. You can view details or add the location to your itinerary and be guided right there.

*Requires mobile Internet connection

Personal Routing Profiles

Choose how you'd like CoPilot to guide you by selecting preferred road types and setting the expected speed for specific road types. You can choose to avoid or favor different road types, avoid toll roads and take faster or shorter routes.

Customizable Info Bar

Tailor the navigation Info Bar display with a choice of Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), Distance to Destination, Time Remaining, Current Speed and more.
Mode of Travel screenshot

Mode of Travel

CoPilot is ready to guide you however you're traveling. Easily switch between:
  • Walking mode: View a 2D or 3D full-screen map display with a useful on-screen compass. A straight line keeps you heading in the right direction towards your destination.
  • Bicycle mode: Get voice guidance while on your bike, with routing that favors quieter local roads rather than busy highways.
  • Motorcycle mode: Get voice guidance while on your motorcycle.
Walking Mode screenshot

Walking Mode

More than just in-car guidance, CoPilot can help you find your way around on foot in a town or city. A dedicated walking display shows your location as a pulsing dot as you move around the map. To find the way to your destination just follow the dashed straight line. You can also receive turn-by-turn directions designed to find the most appropriate route for pedestrians.
Multi-Stop Trip Planning screenshot

Multi-Stop Trip Planning

Use the Plan or Edit Trip feature to enter up to 50 stops or waypoints in an itinerary. Then select CoPilot's unique stops optimizer to re-order your stops into the most efficient order.
Calculate Fuel Costs screenshot

Calculate Fuel Costs

Calculate your estimated fuel costs for a trip before you leave, so you're well prepared for the journey ahead.
ALK MapSure screenshot

ALK MapSure™ Service

Keep your maps up-to-date and accurate with our free MapSure™ service, including quarterly map updates. See a road or address that needs updating? Submit it to MapSure™ via in-app and we'll fix it in our next map update. Learn more

Route Preview Options

Preview your route before your journey for the ultimate in pre-trip planning. Route Preview Options include:
  • Route Demo Play a simulation of your entire journey
  • View Turn Maps Scroll through all the turns you'll take during your trip
  • View Turn List View a list of all the turn instructions for your trip

Powerful Route Calculation

Enter a destination and CoPilot will calculate the route to the door in seconds. If you miss a turn it will automatically recalculate the best new route to get you to your destination and prevent you from getting lost.


Locate an alternative route around unexpected hold ups or avoid specific sections of your route at the touch of a button.

Easy to Follow Navigation Display

CoPilot provides an uncluttered guidance display designed to provide safe and at-a-glance navigation. Display features include:
  • Turn-after-turn Indicator shows the next turn and the one after, taking the guesswork out of complex turn sequences.
  • The route is highlighted clearly with a large yellow arrow to emphasize turns.
  • Large on-screen text instructions with turn information and street names.
  • Large distance-to-next-turn countdown.