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CoPilot Truck GPS Navigation for iPhone Includes free traffic service

    Truck-specific GPS navigation apps for your smartphone or tablet

    Truck-Specific GPS Navigation

    Professional drivers know that taking the wrong route can compromise efficiency and safety.
    CoPilot Truck is truck-specific GPS navigation designed to provide safe and reliable routing on truck-legal roads.
    Unlike standard car navigation systems, it calculates efficient routes based on the vehicle profile information, routing parameters and load type, with additional settings for the transportation of hazardous materials.
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    CoPilot Truck Features

    Truck routing profile screenshot

    Fully customise the truck routing profile

    Accurate, safe routing based on vehicle dimensions and load
    Hazmat Options screenshot

    Hazmat Options

    Additional routing parameters based on HAZMAT options
    Toll road option screenshot

    Toll road option

    Facility to further customise routing by accepting or avoiding truck routing via toll roads
    Multiple vehicle profiles screenshot

    Multiple vehicle profiles

    Store the dimensions and load criteria for several vehicles within one edition of CoPilot Truck

    Navigation You Can Depend On

    Developed over 30 years through partnerships with some of the world's leading truck manufacturers and fleets, CoPilot Truck is packed with advanced navigation technology that professional drivers can trust.

    Key Features

    • Adjustable route settings for specific vehicle sizes and load types
    • Create custom profiles for easy switching between vehicles
    • Visual indication of off-route truck restrictions
    • Turn-by-turn voice directions with text to speech technology for full street names
    • Clear 3D and 2D driving views with unique 'Directions Only' driver safety mode
    • Alternate routing - select from up to three alternatives to a destination based on vehicle-specific criteria
    • Unique interactive route editing. Simply drag and drop to edit the route on-screen.
    • Lane indicator display and CoPilot ClearTurn™
    • Adjustable speed limit alerts (Truck speed limit warnings in certain areas only)
    • Multiple-stop trips, waypoints and pre-trip planning

    Key Driver Benefits

    • Avoids low bridges and weight/height/width-restricted roads
    • Warns about sharp bends and no-overtaking zones
    • Avoids truck-prohibited roads, turns and U-turns
    • Avoids hazardous or flammable materials-restricted roads as appropriate