Get CoPilot
Great News! We'd like to upgrade you to a new generation CoPilot for FREE!
As an existing CoPilot customer you can unlock turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation features in the CoPilot GPS app for free!

By upgrading, you'll continue to enjoy unlimited CoPilot navigation, only better - with updated maps and with regular app updates in the future.

CoPilot GPS gives you our latest and greatest navigation features, including alternate routes, drag and drop route editing, and a sleek new user interface designed specifically for the latest smartphones and tablets.

Here's how to upgrade:
  1. Download CoPilot GPS from Google Play. Download
  2. The first time you launch CoPilot GPS, sign in with your existing CoPilot ID (the same one you signed in with on your v8 app) to activate your free upgrade, transfer any of your v8 purchases and restore your v8 favourites and recent places. It will take a few moments to restore everything. Please note if you tap Create Later you will have to go to MyCoPilot > Register or Sign In to complete the upgrade.
  3. On the My Maps screen, tap Get Maps. Choose the map region you wish to download from the list.
  4. The status of your map download will be displayed. Here you can choose to pause, resume or cancel the map download.
  5. Once the map download is complete, the map will be stored on-board your device. Now you're ready to start navigating!

Frequently Asked Questions

Upgrading from CoPilot Live v8 to CoPilot GPS

  1. How do I find my CoPilot ID in CoPilot Live v8 for the free upgrade?
  2. You can find your CoPilot ID (email address) in CoPilot Live v8 by tapping MENU > LIVE SERVICES > LIVE LINK > OPTIONS > ACCOUNT SETTINGS > EDIT
  3. What can I do if I forgot my CoPilot ID Password?
  4. You can find your CoPilot ID password by clicking the FORGOT PASSWORD link in the CoPilot Live v8 application. This will send an email to the CoPilot ID email address you have entered.
  5. What if I no longer have access to my CoPilot ID email address?
  6. Unfortunately you won't be able to receive the Password Reset email and won't be able to use that CoPilot ID. Please contact Support for help.
  7. I purchased my Android app from the CoPilot Webstore, can I still complete the upgrade?
  8. Yes you can still upgrade. You will need to download the free CoPilot GPS application from Google Play, then enter your CoPilot ID when prompted.
  9. I already have CoPilot Premium - do I need to download CoPilot GPS?
  10. No, there is no need for CoPilot Premium customers to download the CoPilot GPS app or complete the upgrade. You have all the latest navigation features in your CoPilot Premium app.
  11. Can I still use CoPilot Live v8 on my device?
  12. Yes, but we will be discontinuing support for the CoPilot Live v8 apps, so we strongly suggest you upgrade to CoPilot GPS.
  13. Will I be able to transfer my GPS tracks from CoPilot Live v8 to CoPilot GPS?
  14. No that is not possible.
  15. Can I transfer my favourites and recents from CoPilot Live v8 to CoPilot GPS?
  16. Yes, if you back up your favourites to the CoPilot Live Cloud, then you will be able to restore these in CoPilot GPS. We guide you through this process when you begin the upgrade in CoPilot Live v8.
  17. My Favourites did not transfer from CoPilot Live v8 to CoPilot GPS, why?
  18. When you start the upgrade process from your CoPilot Live v8 application to the latest version, CoPilot will guide you through entering your CoPilot ID and backing up your favourites. If you did not do this then you will not be able to restore your favourites from the CoPilot Cloud.
  19. What if I didn't back up my favourites from CoPilot Live v8, can I do it after I’ve installed CoPilot GPS?
  20. Yes you can, but we suggest you first delete the CoPilot GPS application. Next, launch the CoPilot Live v8 application and perform the backup procedure. Once completed, re-download and install the CoPilot GPS application and follow the on-screen instructions.