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    CoPilot is the ideal navigation platform for successful location strategies

    CoPilot OEM Solutions

    Making informed decisions based on current location is becoming part of everyday life. Consumers expect to know where they are, what's around them and how to get to where they need to be.
    CoPilot GPS navigation software enables you to quickly and effectively bring full-featured, own-brand turn-by-turn navigation apps to market - or integrate navigation within a telematics solution.
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    CoPilot OEM Features

    • Award-winning turn-by-turn navigation application
    • Fully customisable to provide an immersive brand experience.
    • Compatible with leading mobile platforms including Android and iOS.
    • One app to support all popular screen resolutions.
    • Supports a variety of business models, including try and buy, advert-funded, subscriptions and perpetual license.
    • Ability to integrate custom or own-brand content.
    • Connected navigation to access dynamic real-time content.
    • On-board or on-demand map options.

    Fast-track, low touch navigation solutions

    CoPilot gives you a fast-track route to launching an own-brand navigation app. It allows you create a branded proposition built around our proven core navigation and mapping technology.

    Thanks to our advanced graphics technology we can support the widest range of form factors with a single app, including high-resolution screens. Fluid finger-touch menus and an intuitive user interface provide supreme ease of use.

    Go to market services

    As an experienced partner with a proven track record of delivering navigation solutions to leading brands, our expertise goes a lot further than simply providing software. Our dedicated project management, development and quality assurance teams provide the knowledge and expertise to develop, customise, test and deploy your navigation solution. Quite simply, we're with you every step of the way.