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About CoPilot / ALK

About CoPilot / ALK

CoPilot navigation is developed by ALK Technologies, a software developer headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, USA, originally founded in 1979.

At ALK, we've been pioneering transportation and navigation technology for over 32 years. Our on-going mission is to enable companies, mobile professionals and consumers alike to achieve competitive advantage and improved quality of life through the adoption of advanced location technology.
  • Hundreds of thousands of drivers globally use ALK's CoPilot®-branded mobile navigation and route guidance solutions to find their way in-car or on foot.
  • Many of the world's most innovative fleets integrate CoPilot's Enterprise navigation solutions within their mobile workforce management and telematics solutions.
  • CoPilot powers many of the most successful mobile operators and device manufacturers' GPS navigation and mapping applications.
  • More than 22,000 shipping and logistics companies rely on ALK® PC*MILER® routing, mileage and mapping solutions. The US Department of Defense uses PC*MILER as their worldwide distance standard.
  • Each of North America's largest railroads use an ALK custom designed decision support system to improve their service.
  • ALK-developed tracking and management systems are used by major ocean carriers and barge companies, worldwide.

Worldwide Locations and People

ALK's global headquarters are located in Princeton, New Jersey, while our regional offices are located in Florida, London, Munich and Paris. We employ over 180 full-time professionals globally, whose expertise includes computer science, transportation, operations research, management systems and marketing. ALK products are distributed through partners and app stores worldwide.

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