CoPilot Live v8.0.0.659 Update for HTC HD2
We're continually working to improve CoPilot Live, and now we are pleased to announce a free CoPilot Live v8 software update for HTC HD2 customers. The update brings new features, enhancements and fixes including: Note: Text to speech require an additional purchase and available in certain regions only

  1. Download the above file to your PC
  2. Extract the contents of the zip to a new directory
  3. Connect your mobile device to your PC through a USB/ActiveSync cable
  4. Ensure you have the correct amount of free space on your Storage Card
  5. Copy the above 2577 to the root or your Storage Card, e.g. \Storage Card (on your mobile device)
  6. Once copy has finished disconnect your mobile device from USB cable
  7. Open File Explorer
  8. Browse to the \Storage Card\2577 folder
  9. Tap autorun.exe to start the installation

(If autorun.exe doesn't run then you can install the update by clicking on the copilot.wmppc CAB.)