What is the Pioneer Navgate HUD?
The NavGate HUD is a smartphone accessory that projects navigation, traffic and other info through your windscreen, just above your line of sight. This way, you can keep your eyes on the road, where they should be, reducing the time to refocus. The Navgate HUD attaches simply to the sun visor; it’s universally installable.
How do I connect the Pioneer Navgate HUD to my phone?
You simply connect the phone to the HUD with it’s USB cable.
Do I need a specialist to install the Pioneer Navgate HUD in my car?
Pioneer recommends the installation to be performed by a specialist.
Do I need to configure the HUD to display specific information?
Most information that HUD can display is ON by default. In the HUD settings menu, you can control the display of Clock, Speed Limit, Current Speed, Speed Cameras,
Can I install the HUD in every car?
It can be installed to cars which has normal form of sun visor. It can not be installed to cars which have special sun visor, for example :
* 2 sun visors in 1 driver's seat
* sun visor which has slide mechanism
* sun visor which flips down to driver's side, not to the windshield side
Also, it cannot be installed to convertible cars or cars which have a sun roof, since HUD collects the sunlight and reflects to driver’s eye.
Is it safe to install the HUD in my car?
Pioneer confirmed that the unit passed the ECE No.21 which regulates the standard for head impact.
Where can I buy the Pioneer Navgate HUD?
At Pioneer navigation partner shop. You will find the nearest Pioneer Navigation shop on the “Dealer Locater” on the Pioneer website.
Why don’t the other people in the car see what’s displayed on the HUD?
NavGate HUD produces a virtual 29” floating image. The “Sweet spot” where this image can be seen is located in front of the driver’s eyes.
Why is it not possible to see other information, i.e. eMails, on the HUD screen?
All information shown on the NavGate HUD has been carefully selected for usefulness and low distraction for the greatest safety. Clear and simple instructions allow the driver to fully focus on the road ahead.
What are the minimum requirements for Android?
Android phones with Android 4.0 or higher can be supported.
Why do I need the CoPilot navigation app to use the HUD?
The main purpose of the Pioneer Navgate HUD is to act as a non-distracting additional display for a navigation app running on your smartphone. Without a navigation app running on the smartphone you will see nothing on the HUD screen.
Where can I buy CoPilot?
In case you don’t have CoPilot navigation running on your smartphone, you can purchase it for Android via the Google Play store. Once you have purchased the CoPilot app, or if you already own the CoPilot app, you will then also need to purchase the CoPilot Navgate HUD Connector. You will be able to do this through an in-app purchase from within the CoPilot app.
What do I have to do to use CoPilot with the HUD?
You need the CoPilot Premium App running on your phone.
  1. Go to the main menu in CoPilot
  2. Tap the “MyCoPilot” button (3rd button at the bottom)
  3. Tap on “Features & Upgrades”
  4. Tap on Pioneer NavGate HUD Connector
  5. Tap “Purchase” and follow the general purchase process
  6. After you received a notification that the purchase has been successful, you are now able to connect to the Pioneer HUD connector.
To install and run the Pioneer HUD connector in your car, please follow the description in the manual of your HUD device
Which version of CoPilot do I need?
The Pioneer HUD is compatible with CoPilot Premium apps. If you are in doubt, you can check the version number looking into “Settings-About CoPilot”. In the first line it says “Version”. The version number should be at least “9.5”.
Important: CoPilot 10.0 and newer are not compatible with Pioneer Navgate.
Do CoPilot apps work with the HUD without the CoPilot Navgate Connector?
No, to use CoPilot with the Pioneer HUD you must also purchase the CoPilot Navgate Connector from inside the CoPilot app.
Is the CoPilot Navgate HUD connector only available for European users?
At this point in time the CoPilot Navgate HUD connector (extension to CoPilot navigation) is only available with maps of a European region (i.e. UK/Ireland), Western Europe or full Europe maps. If you purchase or use CoPilot with a country/region outside of Europe, the connector is not available.
What does it give me as a CoPilot user?
CoPilot guides you with detailed and comprehensive turn instructions to your destination. To do this, CoPilot uses your phone screen to show the map of the road network, your route and graphical turn indications. We all know that a mobile phone screen, especially when the phone is not professionally installed/perfectly fitted in a car, can be hard to watch and watching it could be distracting. This is where the Pioneer Navgate HUD shows a massive benefit. The transparent HUD display is on the upper edge of the driver’s vision and provides a non-distracting view showing the most relevant turn information. Using cutting edge technology this information is visible WITHOUT forcing the driver to take his/her eyes off the road. CoPilot constantly transfers information in the background to the HUD, the HUD then displays this on the transparent HUD screen. At the same time CoPilot runs on the phone screen as usual.
What is displayed on the HUD?
Here is a link showing you examples of the HUD display with active guidance
Is there a dedicated Q&A section for the general use of CoPilot?
Yes, CoPilot FAQs