CoPilot iPad
  • RV-Specific Routing
  • Dependable Offline Navigation
  • Distraction-free Guidance
  • Smart Trip Planning
  • Safety Features with Motorway Guidance & Alerts
CoPilot App

Built for RVers

Every RVer knows that it takes a special breed to own a RV. You have an inherent love for adventure, seeing new places and collecting memories along the miles.

That’s why you deserve a navigation app designed specifically for you.

Explore without Limits, RV without Borders

Don’t let your travels be limited by the fear of high data bills. With CoPilot's reliable offline navigation, you’ll never again duck in and out of a signal or wait to find which direction you’re heading in

Get Value for Your Money

You don’t need to part with hundreds of dollars for a GPS device that can cater to your vehicle’s specific needs (or your heart’s desire to cross state borders!)

Stay Safe and take the Stress out of Driving

CoPilot calculates your route according to your vehicle size and class (height, weight and length), to prevent any dangerous or costly run-ins with low bridges or propane-restricted tunnels

Travel More, Travel Better

CoPilot's powerful route planner allows you to plan a trip of a lifetime with up to 50 stops, automatically calculating the best route. This helps prevent stressful wayward journeys, to save time and lower fuel costs

Distraction-free Driving

Lane arrows and ClearTurn™ view with road signage show you which lane to be in so you can safely manoeuver lane changes and complex intersections well in advance

Discover What’s Around You

Easily find campgrounds, gas stations, hotels, restaurants and more. Plus, you can search with Yelp from within the app to find even more places to go

Also benefit from:

  • Clear, easy to follow directions designed to reduce driver distraction on long journeys
  • Safe, fast routing, or explore what’s around you and take a more scenic route
  • Millions of Places you need most, including rest areas, campgrounds and gas stations. Plus, you can search Yelp from within the app to find even more places nearby to go.

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