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CoPilot Truck for Magellan 1470 / 1700 FAQ


Map / Software Update

  1. Can I get the latest map / software update?
  2. You currently have the latest map and software available for this device


  1. What is the SD card slot for?
  2. You can use the SD card slot to load the CoPilot Truck add-on product. The SD card should remain inside your device at all times to use CoPilot Truck.

  3. Powering off the Magellan GPS when using CoPilot Truck
  4. The power scheme will not function as specified in the Magellan user manual When using the CoPilot Truck micro SD card. To turn off your Magellan GPS follow the directions below.

    To Power off the Roadmate 1470 will require you slide and hold the power switch to the left For 5 seconds.

    To Power off the Roadmate 1700 will require you to move the switch in the reset position.

  5. Low Battery Warning indicator
  6. The low battery warning feature will not function as indicated in the Magellan user manual when using the CoPilot Truck Micro SD card. If you encounter a Low battery warning message simply.

    - Power off Roadmate 1470 by sliding and holding the power switch to the left for 5 seconds.

    - Power off Roadmate 1700 will require you to move the switch in the reset position.

    Connect the power cable, and turn the Magellan Roadmate back on.


  1. Why am I unable to get a GPS signal or fix?
  2. The very first time you use the navigator, it can take up to 10 minutes to initialize the GPS. After the first time, GPS reception should start within 1 minute of turning on the device. If the navigation device has been switched off for more than 1 week, the next initialization can take up to 5 minutes. For the GPS to properly receive satellite data it needs a clear view of the sky. The most common limitations to receiving GPS signals are urban canyons, tunnels and metallic surfaces. Most of the time, this is not an issue. If you are experiencing difficulty, place your unit near the rearview mirror.

Mapping / Routing

  1. Missing addresses or streets
  2. CoPilot incorporates maps from our data providers, the acknowledged leaders in maps for Satellite Navigation Systems. We do use the most current version of the maps that we can, taking into account the time it takes to test the maps and release to market. However you may find that very new road systems are not contained within the data and can take upwards of a year before they reach each satellite navigation product.

    If you do notice a road, address or postcode that is not in the maps or an error with the information, you can report this directly to our mapping providers by clicking the links below.

Voice Instructions

  1. Can I receive voice instructions further away from the turn?
  2. Yes, you can adjust how close to a turn you receive a turn instruction in CoPilot by going into MENU | SETTINGS | TURN warnings and changing the AT TURN setting (between 3 seconds and 8 seconds).

  3. Why does my unit sometimes miss announcing the street name?
  4. When one turn immediately follows another, the name of the second street is not announced. This is to ensure you have the information needed to make the correct turn.

Other Features

  1. Estimated Time of Arrival's are inaccurate
  2. Estimated Time of Arrival's are based on a number of factors including the road speeds, the roads you are driving and the routing profile you have configured. Estimated Time of Arrival's are an estimate. If you get stuck in traffic or are slow moving we cannot foresee what delays may be ahead of you. Estimated Time of Arrival's are updated from your current position to your destination based on no other delays.

  3. What is the difference between searching for a POI nearby and searching for a POI near a destination?
  4. POI nearby searches for destinations located within a given radius of your current location. This feature is useful for locating destinations such the next gas station or closest hospital. POI near a destination searches for destinations located within a given radius of a specified location. This feature is helpful for planning trips and does not require satellite reception.