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Vertical Markets

  • "CoPilot Truck's rich feature set and seamless integration capabilities provides the enterprise class functionality that Cadec customers expect."

    Owen Smith, Senior Vice President, Cadec

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Advanced Route Optimization
Getting to the right place at the right time is a key corporate requirement. For over 30 years, ALK Technologies has helped businesses across all sectors achieve this objective. Over time, this has led to the development of navigation expertise in specific vertical sectors.

Transportation & Logistics

A world leader in the provision of transportation and logistics software, ALK Technologies has an installed base d of 22,000 companies in this sector globally.

CoPilot Professional is a scalable solution for fleets demanding safe, predictable routing based on vehicle size and load type.


Some of Europe's largest utilities suppliers use CoPilot Professional to provide direction to both field workers undertaking infrastructure maintenance and domestic engineers.

Benefits have included a 20% improvement in overall engineer efficiency and a significant reduction in weekly mileage through remote appointment and efficient route optimisation by CoPilot.


CoPilot Professional powers the navigation of the UK's largest parcel delivery company and allows others in this sector to provide improved levels of customer service.

Benefits have included the ability to shorten the timeframe in bringing new drivers into the workforce, while one hour, customer chosen delivery windows are proving a key company differentiator.

In both cases, routing optimisation from CoPilot is key.


CoPilot Professional navigation can improve mobile work efficiency and improve customer service.

Integrated navigation is helping the UK's leading roadside assistance companies get to their customer appointments quicker, with automated job instructions removing manual data entry from the process.

The UK's largest private hire company is using CoPilot Professional navigation to maintain its corporate 10 minute SLAs. In addition current ETA and street location on arrival is relayed to the customer for a safer journey.