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  • "This Wireless Delivered™ solution with integrated CoPilot Professional is demonstrating to our commissioners that we’re reducing our carbon foot print through less mileage, removing the paperwork and improving reporting accuracy."

    David Johnson, Yorkshire Ambulance Service

  • "Our staff out in the field have always been hard working and productive, but this approach enables them to spend time with customers, improving customer service, which is what we're all looking to achieve."

    Andy Herus, Operational Director, Severn Trent Metering Services

  • "With the addition of CoPilot Truck, we can greatly improve driver efficiency by eliminating driver entry errors and potentially costly routing mistakes."

    Frank Moreno, Vice President, Cadec

  • "Choosing the most efficient route is a key component in our patrol arrival time. When a customer is stranded at the roadside, getting there by the fastest route makes a very big difference"

    Chris Bailey, Head of Motoring Technology, The Automobile Association

  • "By integrating CoPilot Professional with Delivery Connect, the Royal Mail aims to increase efficiency and improve the customer experience through the user of mobile technology"

    Ray Vaughan, IT Director, Operations of the Royal Mail

  • "Route optimisation within CoPilot has proved particularly useful for our water maintenance team as the location for repair can be at any point within a wide geographical area"

    Jonathan Petsch, Operations Manager, GRITIT

  • "Integrated navigation has certainly benefited clinical outcomes for Ambulance Victoria, particularly where time is of the essence. The quicker we can get to the patient and provide advanced life support, the better the outcome for the patient"

    Michelle Murphy, Clinical Support Officer, Ambulance Victoria

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Advanced Route Optimisation

Platform support CoPilot Professional can be implemented on Windows Mobile 6x, Windows CE, Windows XP and Windows 7. Solutions are also available for iOS, Android and Linux based devices.
CoPilot Professional from ALK Technologies is a variable combination of commercial grade satellite navigation software and comprehensive Software Developer Kit (SDK), backed by Professional Services.

Designed to be deployed within corporate level mobile work force solutions, ALK Technologies works with the world's leading ISVs, hardware manufacturers and Systems Integrators to ensure total compatibility.

Fully customisable to corporate requirements, CoPilot Professional provides mobility workers with a familiar Sat Nav experience while providing seamless integrating with line-of-business solutions on device. It also maintains a two way data exchange with job management, scheduling and tracking services.

Leading companies in the utilities, delivery, transportation, automotive and service sectors have recognised the efficiencies CoPilot Professional can drive.


CoPilot Professional provides all the features a driver would expect from a Sat Nav system (Click here for full list of features). In addition, CoPilot Professional provides:
  • Multi-stop trip planning
  • Route optimisation
  • CoPilot Truck routing option
  • Connection to live services - such as Traffic


  • Eliminate between 5 - 10% of annual out- of- route mileage
  • Safer driving - On average, lost drivers are responsible for up to 50% of road accidents
  • Improve customer service
  • Access accurate ETAs and reduce site time windows through route optimisation
  • Flexible
  • Deploy within new/existing corporate mobile infrastructures